"CROSSFIRE is a unique set of rules for World War II company level wargaming written by Arty Conliffe and published by Quantum Printing in 1996. On this website you will find lists of CROSSFIRE websites, FAQ links, hints & strategies, as well as information regarding the CROSSFIRE supplement book 'Hit The Dirt'."

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Pacific Island Assault using Crossfire.

Pacific Island Assault using Crossfire.

Crossfire is a set of innovative Wargaming Rules that delivers high-intensity action for miniatures gamers without the inconvenience of rulers or fixed turns. They are one of the first rule sets to use a genuine “variable length bound” that is not artificially contrived. This means there is no set amount of activity that can occur in a players “turn”, nor is there any limit on how often a player can “have a turn”. The result reproduces real life experiences and greatly adds to the ‘fog of war’ effect.

Another innovative feature is the lack of measurements – that’s right, you don’t need a ruler to play Crossfire! Turns are a combination of impulse (you just keep doing things until stopped by something or someone) and modular (an individual move ends whenever you enter a new object or terrain feature). Again this works well with the “variable length bound” concept and creates a real-life like ebb and flow of company and battalion level combat.

As with all Arty Conliffe rule’s there is plenty of opportunity to tweak, and be innovative, by adding your own house rules! Once you play Crossfire you may never want to go back to fixed turns and measured moves again!

Crossfire has it’s own Yahoo! discussion group, which you can join by visiting the group’s homepage, or by sending an email. Welcome to the world of Crossfire!

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