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German Luftwaffe Field Regiment 1942-1945

Rifle Squad in Winter Colours.

Rifle Squad in Winter Colours.

Joe Kelly provides details of the infantry (the non-Fallschirmjäger type) that proved the bulk of the manpower in the Luftwaffe Field Divisions. The “Jäger” Regiments were formed mostly from Ground Crew and rear area troops and a typical regiment as as follows:

Luftwaffe Field Regiment

Regimental Headquarters

3-4, later 2, Luftwaffe Field Battalions, with;


3 Light Companies

1 Heavy Company

CROSSFIRE German Luftwaffe Field Battalion 1942-45

Morale: Regulars*

Luftwaffe Field Battalion Headquarters

1-BC (+2) Truck

1-SMG Squad

1-Heavy Company:

2-20mm FlaK38 Dual Purpose Guns/Trucks

1-120mm Mortar/Truck


3 Luftwaffen-Feld-Jäger Light Companies, each with:

1/76th scale Airfix "FlaK 88" in winter Colours, by Andrew Gorman.

1/76th scale Airfix "FlaK 88" in winter Colours, by Andrew Gorman.

1-CC (+1)

Company Heavy Weapons:

1-120mm Mortar/Truck

1-81mm Mortar/Truck


3-Rifle Platoons, each with:

1-PC (+1)

3-Rifle Squads

Notes: 1942 – 43 all Rifle Platoons have the above TO&E; for 1944 – 45 replace one squad in each Platoon with an SMG squad. When using Trucks with this organization, add three Trucks per Inf. Coy. (8 pt’s each) and one Kubelwagen for each of the CC HQs (8 pt’s each).

* Editors Note: The majority of Luftwaffe Battalions are probably really closer to Green (with all +1 Leaders and using British/US Command Control), with only selected units warranting Regular status, and one or two exceptions that might be rated a mix of Veteran & Regular.