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German Gebirgsjäger Regiment 1943

Airfix German Infantry

Airfix German Infantry

Joe Kelly provides his take on the German Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) organisation for the mid-war period. The TO&E had been reorganised from what was present early way, and in 1943 the Regiment was organised as follows:

Regimental HQ Group

1 Signal Platoon

1 Technical Company, with;

1 Signal Platoon

1 Engineer Platoon

1 Light Howitzer Platoon

1 Heavy Mountain Howitzer Battery

3 Jäger Battalions each with:

Battalion HQ

3 Rifle Companies

1 Machine Gun Company

1 Heavy Weapons Company

1 Anti-Tank Company

CROSSFIRE German Gebirgsjäger Battalion 1943

Morale: Veterans

Gebirgsjäger Battalion Headquarters

1-BC (+2)

1-SMG Squad

1-Heavy Company:

2-7.5 cm Infantry Howitzers/Mules*


1-Machine Gun Company:


2-120mm Mortars/Mules*

1-Anti-Tank Company:

1-Pak38 or Pak40 ATG/Truck


3-Gebirgsjäger Companies each with:

1-CC (+2)

Company Heavy Weapons:

1-81mm Mortar/Mules*


3-Rifle Platoons, each with:

1-PC (+2)

3-Rifle Squads

* Pack Mules can be used to haul weapons listed; add 2 points for each mule purchased.

Notes: These units were not created to utilize organic transport; therefore if using Trucks with this organization add 3 Trucks per Infantry Company (at a higher than normal cost of 10 points each, to reflect both unit doctrine and inaccessibility).